Iran issuing entry visas at Qeshm airport

Iran issuing entry visas at Qeshm airport
ID : N-1033 Date : 2018/01/11 - 11:25

(Persia Digest) - Deputy Foreign Minister of Iran stated: “With the opening of the office to issue electronic visas at Qeshm airport, citizens of 150 countries can receive their visas within 20 minutes at Qeshm Island Airport for entry to Iran.

At the opening ceremony of the office for issuing electronic visa at Qeshm Island International Airport, Hassan Ghashghaei referred to setting up 10 offices for issuing visas at airports throughout Iran and asserted: “Applicants can also go to Iranian embassies and consulates abroad to apply and extend their visas.”

He added: “Foreign nationals can also fill in their visa application forms online at the Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and a code for tracing the process of their visa applications will be sent to their cell phones after 24 hours.”

Ghashghaei added: “Upon arrival in Qeshm International Airport, passengers will receive their entry visas within 20 minutes.”

According to an earlier report by Persia Digest, Qeshm Province is located in southern Iran and has a population of approximately 150 thousand people. It includes the islands of Qeshm, Hormuz, Hengam, and Lark.

Qeshm Island has an area of 1500 square kilometers with many tourist attractions such as Khorbas cave, Salt cave, Hara marine Jungle, Naz islands, Dolphins Bay, Valley of the Stars, Chahkooh Pass and Valley, and Roof of Qeshm Geosite.

Qeshm also has very beautiful beaches, a Portuguese Fortress, Geopark Museum, Tala wells and Bandar Laft (Laft Port) wind catchers (Persian badgir, architectural structure providing natural ventilation) and the aquiline muzzle turtles laying eggs in their habitat. In Qeshm, there are over than 200 historical sites such as hills and catacombs; coastal remains such as caves and ports; and marine structures such as dikes, and other remains 30 of which have been registered as national heritage sites.


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