Iranian Composers Living Human Treasures

Iranian Composers Living Human Treasures
ID : N-1008 Date : 2018/01/09 - 11:15

(Persia Digest) - Master Ebrahim Ghanbari-Mehr, Master Mohammad Esmaili and Ashigh Saljuq Shahbazi, three renowned personalities of Iranian music have been recognized as “Live Treasures of Humanity in the Iranian Music” in the list of conveyers of Intangible Heritage (rarities).

This event occurred in the National Committee for Registering Iran’s Intangible Heritage.

Ebrahim Ghanbari-Mehr, incomparable in the arts and crafts, was born in 1928 in Tehran. He is one of the pioneer craftsmen of musical instruments in Iran; because of his genius in music, he was able to craft all types of tools and musical instruments. Ghanbari-Mehr, because of his innovative soul, made some changes in Iranian musical instruments so that some of its deficiencies can be reduced or totally removed.

Mohammad Esmaili is also one of the renowned personalities in Iranian music and a tambourine musician. His style of musicianship is the Hossein Tehrani style. Mohammad Esmaili makes complete use of the properties of tambourine such as its wood grafts. He has a long background in solo playing and also in accord with an orchestra. His duets (questions and answers) accompanied with the hammered dulcimer of Faramarz Payvar are among them.

Ashigh Saljuq is a creator of music, poet, composer and skilled musician of Ashighi songs (minstrel songs composed and sung by improvisation). Ashigh Saljuq Shahbazi is the founder of “Iran Ashighlari House”. He was born in 1962 in the village of Aqachagheshlagh of the Province of Mianeh in northwest Iran. He is one of the most renowned Aghigs of Azerbaijan who in addition to his skills in performing many different Ashighi songs, has also compilations and translations in these type of songs. Experts believe that he is the finest living Ashighi musician and composer in Iran and knows most of them by memory and has trained many pupils.


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