Iranian composers release album in the US

Iranian composers release album in the US
ID : N-1831 Date : 2018/05/24 - 09:58

(Persia Digest) – The album “Bazgasht be royapardazi” [Back to dreaming] is a joint work by Mohammad Shabani (percussion) and Armin Morshed (composer and guitar player) which has been released in Iran. It will also be released in the US in digital format.

The album has nine tracks; most are instrumental, except for two tracks which are accompanied with the vocals of Tiago Moraes from Brazil and Barbad Bakaan from Iran. Lyrics are by Armin Morshed.

The music has been performed with the guitar and percussion instruments, composed and arranged by Armin Morshed and Mohammad Shabani. It is a joint production by both of these talented musicians.


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