Javad Zarif on Iran-Saudi relations in new cabinet

Javad Zarif on Iran-Saudi relations in new cabinet
ID : N-42 Date : 2017/08/09 - 12:18

Persia digest    The Iranian FM said expanding relations with the international community, and in particular with our neighbors, is one of Iran’s priorities: ‘Better relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia requires mutual respect and respect for mutual interests to end policies that foment war and extremism in the region.’

In an interview with ILNA, Javad Zarif responded on the question of whether Iran-Saudi relations will move towards a détente in the newly elected 12th government by saying: ‘Iran has no desires for continued tensions in Tehran-Riyadh relations.’

Saudi Arabia cut diplomatic ties with Iran over 18 months ago following the attack on its diplomatic mission in Tehran. Animosity between the two countries has escalated over their differences during this time.

Some analysts believe that Javad Zarif and al-Jubeir shaking hands at the OIC summit in Istanbul and resuming Haj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia by Iran after a one-year boycott following a fatal stampede is an indication that the two countries have agreed to de-escalate tensions.


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