Kamancheh and Polo Unesco registered

Kamancheh and Polo Unesco registered
ID : N-790 Date : 2017/12/07 - 10:33

(Persia Digest) – “Polo with music and narration” has been registered by Iran and “The art of making and playing the kamancheh” has been registered mutually by Iran and the Republic of Azerbaijan at the 12th session of the Committee for Intangible Cultural Heritage - Unesco – bringing the number of registered intangible heritages for Iran to 13, including Nowruz, flat bread baking skills, and the kamancheh which are multinational registrations.

Polo is an art form and ancient Persian military training encompassing cultural and artistic variations among different ethnic groups in the form of a traditional game.

The connection between humans, nature, and horses is strongly displayed here as a game and a play accompanied by music. Polo has been played from the Sassanid era to date in Iran and supported by all its governments. This game has had an important impact on the art, economic of the arts, music, literature, miniature, and illustration in Iran.

The kamancheh is also one of the oldest, most widely used string instruments in the region, especially in Iran and Azerbaijan, in traditional and folk music performances.

As stated by the Head of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran, the number and importance of Iran’s registered heritages, tangible and intangible, are a message of peace and friendship endeavoring to promote not only the culture of Iran, but also to express a side of the humanitarian culture of the melting pot that makes Iran and Iranians who have historically learned to be nurturing and accepting of one another and their environment.


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