New find in Persepolis

New find in Persepolis
ID : N-150 Date : 2017/08/20 - 15:06

(Persia Digest)- The newly discovered gates in Persepolis will soon be turned into a museum site once all the protective and safety measures have been completed.

Persepolis is a vast area of ancient ruins and the capital of the Achaemenid Empire. Its construction began by Cyrus the Great and continued by his successors, housing the Achaemenid palaces and gardens. The Imperial Citadel made up the main part of the city.

The latest finds in Persepolis confirm that the city began to take shape under Cyrus the Great of the Achaemenid Dynasty and continued to prosper under Darius the Great and their successors.

In recent excavations, 500 hectares were identified and the gates to this part of the city explored. The gates were erected in Persepolis by Cyrus the Great as a memorial to the conquest of Babylonia.

An archaeologist compared the gates to the gates of Babylon city during Cyrus’s reign; the unified style between the two gates shows the cultural links between Persepolis and Babylonia.

Babylonia was a key city in ancient Mesopotamia, in the south of present-day Iraq. It was known as its most important religious city for 3000 years, in particular under Achaemenid rule.


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