Organization of Islamic Cooperation Conference

Organization of Islamic Cooperation Conference
ID : N-1076 Date : 2018/01/17 - 10:47

(Persia Digest) – The 13th Organization of Islamic Cooperation Conference took place in Tehran with the presence of President Rouhani, Parliament Speaker, and the parliamentary delegations of Islamic countries. Over the course of the Conference, the Chair of the Conference was transferred from Mali to Iran and its Parliament Speaker, Ali Larijani.

President Rouhani spoke at the opening ceremony, and said: “The IR of Iran has the utmost respect for the territorial integrity of all countries and believes solutions to the problems of the Islamic Ummah can be found through empathy and cooperation among all Islamic countries.”

He added that the IR of Iran’s relations with Islamic countries is based on Islamic compassion, and reminded: “We do not consider any of the Islamic countries to be our rivals and are convinced that we can establish mutually respectful dialogue even with those with whom we have differences of opinion.”

Rouhani stated: “In order to find solutions to the problems and challenges lying ahead, we must look to ourselves. We must not depend on others to resolve our problems. This does not mean isolation. To the contrary, we respect constructive engagement on equal par for the Islamic world with other countries, in which there is no place for exploitation and interference in the internal affairs of Islamic countries. Problems start when certain powers are not inclined towards constructive, equal engagement with others. They look down on other countries and seek one-sided relations to their own benefit.”

He added: “No country can develop domestically when it is engaged in international conflicts. No country can solve its internal problems with foreign campaigns, and move its economic and social visions forward alongside bombing and massacring its neighbors.”

The US “Huge mischief” in Quds will not succeed

In a visit with the guests of the 13th Organization of Islamic Cooperation Conference, the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei, emphasized that the world of Islam must speak out about its beliefs and state its position, and said that “Palestine” and “Islamic Unity” are key issues.

The Supreme Leader added the dangerous western propaganda empire, dominated by the Zionists, must not be allowed to ignore the important issues of the Islamic world and wipe out its key issues with the conspiracy of silence. He reiterated: “It is possible to defeat the Zionists in their soft warfare, in the same way they were defeated in their “hard war” in Lebanon and had to admit to it.”

He recognized the Palestinian issue and its defense to be at the top of the concerns of the Islamic world and a duty for all, and stressed: “Without the shadow of a doubt, Palestine is a historic country extending from ‘the Sea to the River’ with Quds as its capital. Nothing can change this fact.”

The Supreme Leader of Iran called the latest US move on Quds a “Huge mischief”, and said: “They will be unable to carry this out and their efforts will not succeed.”

He reminded: “Those regional governments who cooperate with the Zionist regime and help America fight their Muslim brothers, like the Saudis are doing, are traitors.”

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that “Islamic Unity” is a key issue, and continued: “We believe that Islamic unity holds a sensitive position in the world with many followers and capabilities. It can lead to the formation of a great, influential power. We have even told those who behave with animosity towards us that we are ready to respond in a brotherly manner, even if this is not their approach.”

At the end of the meeting, guests at the Conference held close talks with the Supreme Leader.


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