Shahr-e Sukhteh new finds

Shahr-e Sukhteh new finds
ID : N-774 Date : 2017/12/08 - 10:56

(Persia Digest) – Season 16 of excavations in the historic enclosure of Shahr-e Sukhteh in Zabol has come to an end with the discovery of part of a cemetery with 66 graves.

One of the graves is a burial vault belonging to a woman with 45 jars and pots buried here.

One of the objects found here is a crock used for keeping sourdough for baking bread. Other finds include the grave of a small monkey aged less than two years old.

A jar was buried in the grave of this little monkey nicknamed “Makaka” by the archaeologists, indicating that the little animal’s burial had taken place ceremoniously.

Also, Enrico Ascalone, an archaeologist specializing in Oriental studies in Salento University in Italy who is present in this season, said: “Evidence suggests that the production of marble and lazuli and turquoise objects has been common in the burned city.


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