Spanish Iranology Association Congress in Tehran

Spanish Iranology Association Congress in Tehran
ID : N-3313 Date : 2018/11/04 - 12:40

(Persia Digest) – The Spanish Iranology Association (SEI) is holding its 8th International Congress on Iranian Studies hosted by Tehran University for the first time.

SEI Secretary, Joaquin Rodriguez Vargas, pointed out that SEI began work in Spain in 2009, saying: “All other Iranology associations in Europe are at least a century old, but we don’t have a single Iranian studies department in Spain.”

The President of the 8th SEI International Congress on Iranian Studies, Seyed Ahmadreza Khazari, also spoke of the 2000-year old relations between Iran and Spain, saying: “Persian literature bonds the two nations together.”

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President of the SEI, Alfred Gutierrez Cavanac, and Spanish Ambassador to Tehran, Eduardo Lopez Busquets, also gave speeches at the opening ceremony.

Seven expert panels will be held composed of Iranian and Spanish Iranologists on the golden years of Iran-Spain relations, research on ancient Iranian and Spanish maps, an overview of Iranian history, the role of Iranians in the transfer of Iran's cultural and artistic heritage to Spain, Eastern and Western storytelling, Iran in the eyes of Iranian and foreign documentary makers, Iranian cultural and religious diplomacy towards Latin America, and Tehran’s image in film.

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