Three students die in fire in eastern Iran

Three students die in fire in eastern Iran
ID : N-3757 Date : 2018/12/19 - 11:46

(Persia Digest) – A third student severely burnt in a fire incident in Zahedan, eastern Iran, has lost her life and a fourth student is reported unstable in intensive care.

Yekta Mirshekar passed away this morning after suffering severe burns in a fire at the Asveh Hassaneh school in Zahedan to bring the number of deaths in this tragedy to three. The first two girls have been named as Saba Arabi and Mona Khosroparast.

Persia Digest reports that a girls’ elementary school in Zahedan caught fire yesterday morning, Tuesday, injuring four students. The school had 59 students who were immediately evacuated by firemen when the fire started.

The fire was caused by an oil heater in a series of such incidents across Iran.

On 7 February 1997, an oil heater caught fire in an elementary school in Bijarsarshaft. Their teacher, Mr Omidzadeh succeeded in saving all the children, but suffered high degrees of burns himself. Everyone was saved on that day; but, seven years later, another bitter incident due to neglect created another tragedy in another school. It was in December 2004 when fire struck again, this time in Safilan school, in Chaharamahal & Bakhtiari Province of western Iran, burning 13 boys and girls alive due to a lack of proper heating.

Two years later, on 5 December 2006, another fire took the lives of eight elementary school students in Dorudzan village in Fars Province and severely burned the innocent faces of six girls and two boys. In 2011, a dormitory in the southern port of Chabahar caught fire due to faulty electrics, injuring five students four of whom died due to their burns.

Photo of girls in the village of Shinabad who were seriously burned in a class fire in 2012

Six years later, on 6 December 2012, a classroom fire in Shinabad village killed two students and injured another 26. Other fires also happened throughout these years, but no immediate steps were taken about school heating systems in the deprived, remote areas of Iran. Until another fire killed three other innocent children yesterday.

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