(Persia Digest) – As reported by CNN, Baquer Namazi, an Iranian-American who has been imprisoned in Iran since February 2016, has been discharged from an Iranian hospital and granted a four-day leave by the Iranian government, according to his family and the State Department.

Namazi is the father of American businessman, Siamak Namazi, who has been detained in Iran since October 2015.

Namazi's family said the 81-year-old had been rushed to the hospital on January 15 after a severe drop in his blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat, serious depletion of energy and coloring turning white. This was the fourth time, the family said, he had been transferred to a hospital in the last year. He underwent emergency heart surgery to install a pacemaker.

Babak Namazi, Baquer's son, issued a statement expressing gratitude for the temporary leave and asking for a permanent release.

"While I am grateful the Iranian Government has granted a four day leave for my father, a return to prison would be life threatening for him. My father is in very poor health and has been hospitalized four times. I beg the Iranian authorities to show compassion and grant my father a permanent release so he can spend his remaining time with his family before we face an irreversible tragedy," Babak Namazi said in a statement.

Senior administration officials tell CNN that the Trump administration is working "at the highest levels" to make this release permanent and get Namazi home.

Undersecretary of State Steve Goldstein called the temporary leave "a first step but Mr. Namazi is 81 years old and is in poor health and needs to come back to the United States for treatment."

Baquer and Siamak Namazi were sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, and Siamak Namazi was fined $170,000, according to Jared Genser, an attorney for the Namazis. "On humanitarian grounds his leave must be made permanent.

A senior State Department official who spoke to CNN said Undersecretary of State Tom Shannon had raised the health of Baquer Namazi with his Iranian counterpart on the sidelines of a meeting in December in Vienna, Austria, discussing implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement. The Iranian said he would look into the issue.

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