(Persia Digest) – Students of the Persian Literature Faculty at the National University of Modern Languages (NUML) in Pakistan have welcomed spring and the Iranian Nowruz New Year.

A get-together was held at the NUML with the help of the Iranian Cultural Center in Islamabad for the students and professors of all disciplines, where the Persian Literature students introduced Nowruz in different programs, such reading poetry, decorating the classroom with a Haft Sin spread, and talking about spring cleaning.

Nowruz is also called “Alam Afruz” in Pakistan – meaning a day that will illuminate the world with its coming. Spending time in nature and visiting family and friends are part of the customs observed in Pakistan.

Other celebrations include cooking special foods and shopping for new clothes.

Every year, 300 million people in Iran, Pakistan, and ten other countries celebrate Nowruz and the spring equinox in the world.

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