(Persia Digest) – Iran’s handicrafts and traditional arts exhibition which was supposed to take place in Russia concurrently with the 2018 World Cup was canceled due to rising currency and travel package prices to this country.

It was forecast that around 20 thousand Iranians resident abroad would be traveling to Moscow for the games together with a large number of tourists from elsewhere. This would have been a good opportunity to introduce the hand arts of Iran to the world and to sell to Iranian tourists. But with the rising currency prices in Iran and the passing of 13 days from the start of the World Cup, it was not possible to stage the handicrafts exhibition in Russia.

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Persia Digest reports that the Handicrafts, Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization of Iran Deputy, Pouya Mahmoudian, commented on the cancelation: “Every artisan had to pay the hefty sum of tomans 25MM to travel to Russia. Hence, we decided to cancel the exhibition for now. This may take place in Russia in September, although no provisions have been made yet.”

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