(Persia Digest) – Fifty-six artifacts brought over to Iran from the Louvre Museum are returning home after five months of exhibition.

The exhibition broke the record of visitors to the National Museum of Iran. As of a fortnight ago, over 250 thousand people had visited this treasure trove. This number increased towards the final days of the exhibition.

The exhibition was planned to go to the northeastern city of Mashhad after Tehran. This was initially delayed and it was eventually announced that the insurance company had refused to insure the artifacts, fearing US sanctions. Hence, the Mashhad exhibition was canceled.

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The Louvre exhibition in Tehran also included two artifacts from Iran, namely an axe with an inscription discovered at the Chogha Zanbil excavation site, and a bronze artifact from Lorestan Province dating back to the iron age 3000 years ago.

Alongside the Louvre exhibition, a photography show of the late Kiarostami pictures was also held here, displaying his different look at museums. This was also met with a receptive audience.

Today, Monday 30 August 2018, is the final day of the Louvre exhibition in Tehran.

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