(Persia Digest) – The Governor of West Azerbaijan Province has announced: “Two new official borders in West Azerbaijan Province will be added to the border crossings between Iran and Turkey.”

Returning from his trip to Turkey accompanied by the Interior Minister, Mohammad-Mahdi Shahriari, described their achievements on this trip by saying: “The Iranian and Turkish interior ministers met to discuss how the two countries can use their borders potentials to the fullest.”

He reiterated: “On this trip, the issue of establishing an official border in the Kuzehrash Salmas and Bouralan Maku region was investigated.”

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Shahriari continued: “The Iranian and Turkish ministers agreed to setup a joint committee to assess the launching of an official border and market for Kuzehrash Salmas and Bouralan Maku as soon as possible.”

He added: “Once the committee announces the outcome of its investigations, the new border between the two countries will be added to their other official borders.”

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The Governor of West Azerbaijan said other issues discussed on this trip included the fight with terrorism, trafficking of illegal drugs, and human trafficking on the Iran-Turkey border. The cities of Khoy and Konya becoming sister cities was also discussed on this diplomatic trip.

PD reports that Iran and Turkey currently have three borders, including the Sarve-Esendere, Bazargan-Gurbulak, and Razi-Kapikoy land crossings.

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