November 17, 2018 13:49
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(Persia Digest) – The Iranian President has announced: “The value of Iran-Iraq economic ties currently stands at USD 12BN. This figure can be increased to USD 20BN.”

At a joint press conference with the Iraqi President who has traveled to Iran, Hassan Rouhani said: “Today, we discussed the exchange of electricity, and gas and oil byproducts, as well as the activities of the two countries in oil exploration and extraction.”

Rouhani also added that connecting the railways of both countries in the west and south was also discussed, reiterating: “The Iranian company is ready to start work on the Shalamcheh-Basra railway line with the Iraqi Ministry of Finance.”

He stated: “Environmental issues are important for both sides. Our peoples living on the western and southern borders suffer from dust storms and this must be resolved by both parties.”

Rouhani continued by saying that the Iraqi President had promised to follow-up on environmental issues, reiterating: “Together, we can save our people from the dust and the suffering it brings in the same way we joined forces to fight Daesh.”

He went on to say: “We also agreed on an economic free zone between the two countries to set up our joint industries.”

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Rouhani commented on regional issues by saying: “Both our countries understand that our regional safety and stability will benefit all our people and we have no requirements for outside intervention.”

Rouhani also emphasized that we consider the safety and development of Iraq as our own safety and development, underlining: “The two countries must have closer ties every day, both politically and economically.”

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The Iraqi President also said at the joint press conference: “Iraq will not forget Iran’s support in fighting Saddam and the terrorists in this country. The IR of Iran played a significant role in defeating terrorism by supporting us.”

Barham Salih added: “Today, I have brought a clear message to you from Baghdad. We are perfectly aware of the importance of our relations with Iran. Our economic, cultural, and political ties are rooted in history.”

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