(Persia Digest) – Iran’s first underwater restaurant which is the biggest of its kind in the world has opened in Kish Island, in the waters of the Persian Gulf.

Oannes Restaurant was inaugurated on 21 March this year. It was designed and built by Iranian experts and consultants from abroad using the latest technology at a distance of 650 meters from the recreational pier of Kish Island.

The building is on three floors comprising a buffet serving local food, an international restaurant, and an open air coffee shop, all seating 350. Over USD 2MM has been invested in the project.

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The buffet restaurant is completely submerged with large windows giving a fantastic view of the underwater world in the Persian Gulf. It serves seafood, and Iranian and local Kish Island dishes.

The international Oannes Restaurant is just above water level. It has windows all around with a view of the Persian Gulf from every corner. It serves dishes from around the world.

Oannes Coffee Shop is on the top floor above water. It has been designed as a living roof where customers can enjoy the good weather of the Island, the beautiful coastline, and views of the island itself.

Tourists are transferred to the restaurant by a special taxi boat service.

Gorgeous, reefs, colorful fishes, shells, dolphins, and turtles live in the Persian Gulf, turning this into a natural aquarium where visitors can make lasting new memories.

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