(Persia Digest) - The first step to get Mount Sabalan registered on the list of the world's Cultural Heritage Sites was taken in a ceremony attended by officials of Cultural Heritage Organization.

Nader Fallahi, Director General of the Cultural Heritage Department of Ardabil Province proposed at the ceremony: “A scientific gathering should be held with the participation of experts and academics to study perspectives of globalizing Mount Sabalan.”

The status of the Mount of Sabalan should be studied from cultural, historical and natural points of view, leading to Sabalan finding a unique position.

Referring to the fact that Mount Sabalan was part of the history and culture of the region, Fallahi said: “Sabalan is among the few mountains across the country which reflect the culture, tradition and history of Azarbaijan Province, particularly Ardabil and we must try harder to protect the mountain.”

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that Mount Sabalan is located in northwestern Iran in Ardabil Province. It is the third highest mountain in Iran with a height of 4,811 meters. There is a small lake on top of the mountain.

It is very popular with tourists for its natural hot springs, beautiful sceneries in summer and Alvares skiing slope.

Some people believe that Mount Sabalan was the birth place of Iranian Prophet Zoroaster. Even the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche has mentioned it in his famous book Thus Spoke Zarathustra. This is why it is considered a sacred place by local people and tribesmen who even swear to its name.

Once a volcano in the past, it has been dormant for years.

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