(Persia Digest) – The beautiful Maranjab desert north of Aran and Bidgol village in Isfahan Province is one of Iran’s most visited.

Its height above mean sea level (AMSL) is around 890 meters. The security, variety of attractions, wildlife, and vegetation of the desert are a good base for tourism and investment in this region which attracts many visitors.

Sand dunes and Haloxylon forests give this area a special beauty. The Aran and Bidgol Salt Lake and ‘wandering island’ are a must see. The ‘wandering island’ is surrounded by a salt marsh rather than water.

But in a good year, rainfall accumulates 2-5 centimeters around it to give it a picture perfect aura. This phenomenon has given the locals the impression that the island moves and so they have called it the ‘wandering island’.

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the Maranjab Caravanserai stands firm alongside the main attractions of the desert, namely its sand dunes. This was constructed in 1603 CE on the orders of Shah Abbas Safavid as a lookout post to keep the capital safe from invasions.

A pond just outside the caravanserai is fed by two fresh and salt water sources which bubble up to the surface of the earth. Fresh water in the desert has become a source of amazement for many geologists.

The best time to visit Maranjab desert is in autumn and winter when the average temperature is 19 degrees centigrade during the day and 5 degrees centigrade at night.

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