(Persia Digest) – After extending an invitation to Persepolis Football Club for a trip to Canada, The North American Iranian Friendship Society (NAIFS) placed a request at the Toronto City Council to name a street or public venue after the victorious club in this North American metropolis.

The North American Iranian Friendship Society (NAIFS) who will be hosting the training camp for Branko Ivanković’s men in Canada this summer is hopeful that it will have the support of all Iranians for the signature of the request text online to complete the legal procedure and be ready for the unveiling ceremony of the proud football club’s name in Toronto in time for the red jerseys visit to the Canadian capital, in the presence of its players, technical staff, and managers.

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NAIFS CEO, Vahid Abideh, announced the news and tweeted that the Persepolis Club’s maiden trip to North America is a turning point in cultural exchanges and a great achievement in public diplomacy. This opportunity must be used to convey the peace message of Iranians to the world.

Tehran’s Persepolis Club will be visiting Canada for friendly games this summer to promote ‘Fighting climate change and tackling global warming’. The training camp is planned for two weeks. Branko’s men have also scheduled visits with their Iranian fans in North America on this trip.

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