(Persia Digest) - In the wake of slanderous remarks made by Michal Kubiak, Captain of the Polish National Volleyball Team where he insulted the Iranians, the Volleyball Federation of Poland in a letter extended apologizes to the Iranian people.

IRNA reports that in its letter to the Head of the Iranian volleyball federation, Afshin Davari, the Polish federation said: “With regard to the recent most unfortunate and utterly inadequate comments about the people of Iran expressed in the media by Mr. Michal Kubiak – the captain of Poland National Volleyball Men's Team - the Polish Volleyball Federation would kindly like to express in his name sincere and contrite apology for his statement.”

It added: “Feeling deeply sorry for what was said by Mr. Kubiak, please rest assured that Polish Volleyball Federation under no circumstances whatsoever shares such xenophobic approach.”

“Polish Volleyball Federation follows Olympic values of human dignity, national identity and fair-play equally for all its international partners, Volleyball Federation of the Islamic Republic of Iran included, and strongly condemns any rude, racist or xenophobic actions as such.”

The FIVB disciplinary committee imposed a six-match ban on Kubiak in the third and fourth weeks of the 2019 Volleyball Nations League.

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Kubiak had said that a nation called Iranians or Persians does not exist though Poland has to play with them sometimes. He called Iranians "fatal, malicious and damned people".

The Polish federation went on to say: “Regretting sincerely this incident, the Polish Volleyball Federation will take all possible and necessary steps to avoid situations like this from happening.”

It reiterated: “We hope to retrieve in no time the good relations between Iran and Poland that were shared over years.”

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