(Persia Digest) – In association with the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, archaeologists from Kermanshah have discovered the remains of a 7000-year old civilization in excavations in mound Kheibar in Ravansar, Kermanshah Province, western Iran.

An international team from the universities of Copenhagen in Germany, Berlin in Germany, and Razi in Kermanshah have been working on the Ravansar site for some time now. They have discovered constructions made of mud bricks where the cobbled ground can clearly be seen. Pottery pieces, and architectural remains and plans from the Sassanid period discovered here have led the archaeologists to believe that this historic mound holds the remains of life from the 5th millennium BCE to the Parthian period and needs years of exploration.

The international team excavating the Kheibar mound in Gouzran section have succeeded in finding the remains of a 7000-year old civilization. A six-year plan of excavations has been set out to complete their basic agenda

Photos: Farzan Menati/Tasnim, Yousef Fatahi/IRNA

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