(Persia Digest) – Iran’s Team Melli won over Bolivia last night as a limited number of women were allowed into Azadi Stadium to watch the match, thus breaking the taboo of women spectators.

The Iranian and Bolivian national teams met in a friendly match at the Azadi Stadium which ended in a 2-0 victory for the men of Carlos Queiroz. Prior to the game, the Football Federation had announced that the necessary provisions had been made for a group of women to attend the games. The last time Iranian women were able to watch a football match at the Azadi Stadium was around 13 years ago. On 4 June 2005, a small group of women were allowed into the stadium to witness a 1-0 Team Melli win over Bahrain. No Iranian women were kept behind closed stadium doors in that game.

It was initially announced that the employees of the Football Federation and members of the women’s national teams were permitted to watch the match. But they were eventually joined by other women.

On the sidelines, when Alireza Jahanbakhsh scored he went to the Bolivian goal but did not show his emotions in front of the women. But at the end of the match, all the players stood in front of the women spectators and thanked them.

Photos: Saeid Zareian/Borna, Hossein Zohrvand/Tasnim, Ahmad Moeini Jam/IRNA, Mohammad Reza Abbasi/Mehr

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