February 25, 2019 11:39
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(Persia Digest) - Ghadamgah Mosque near the village of Badamayar, about seven km southeast of Azarshahr in East Azerbaijan is carved like a cave in the mountains and used as a Mehri temple in the pre-Islamic period.

The ancient Ghadamgah Temple is located in a circular underground cave with a diameter of about fifteen meters and a hallway with a length of nine meters which leads to the cave’s conical-shaped dome that is twelve meters high from the ground to the skylight. Some archaeologists attribute the construction of this temple to the prehistoric age, which later became a fire temple and after Islam was converted into a Muslim temple by devising a mehrab [altar]. The mehrab of this dome-shaped cave with hanging muqarnas belongs to the Safavid era.

Moreover, there is an old cemetery near this temple with unique tombstones that have survived since the Ilkhanate and Safavid eras.

Photos: Khalil Gholami / Mizan

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