(Persia Digest) - The historic Ranjbaran House which belongs to the late Zand era is a remarkable historical monument in the city of Semnan.

The historic Ranjbaran house is located in the old city fabric of Semnan and is one of the most significant buildings of the Zand and Qajar eras due to its stuccowork and architecture. The general form of the house is quadrilateral and a corridor links the Mian Sara (courtyard) to the vestibule, and the vestibule to the public passage. The building has three sections: the basement, the ground floor and the first floor. The basement is located on the south side and consists of two rooms and a wind catcher hall. Most of the materials used in this building are adobe, mud and bricks, and the interior is decorated with gypsum plaster. The most important features of the building are the gypsum decorations of the entrance porch, gypsum images, flowers and birds on the margins of the niches and around the rooms, and the decorative arcades of the corridor.

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