(Persia Digest) – The beating heart surgery robotic assistant was made at the Robotic Research Laboratory of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Amir Kabir University of Technology.

The project is part of the international cooperation programs of the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, which has been carried out with the cooperation of Dr Mehdi Tavakoli of the University of Alberta.

The robot can move to the beat of the heart, so it can help the surgeon perform the surgery accurately and make it easier to see the images.

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The surgeon can guide the robot remotely using a joystick to perform a precise and fine surgical procedure.

In surgical repairs, the heart must be drained of blood which is transferred to another device that performs the heart's function. Such an action increases the risk of a cardiac arrest, so the robot moves at the same time as the heart beats.

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This assistant robot can mimic all the movements of the heart and pull back and forth with the heart. In addition to heart surgery, this device can be used in chest and abdominal surgeries.

The research phase for this device has been successfully completed.


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