(Persia Digest) - A border wall is being built to counter terrorism between Iran and Turkey and will not cause any problems in the long-standing friendship between the two countries, said Turkey's Hakkâri governor.

Speaking to reporters in Orumiyeh on Wednesday, Idris Akbıyık added that by building this wall, terrorists' movements will be controlled and cooperation between Iran and Turkey will be expanded; it will also be effective in controlling border commute.

IRNA reports that he said Turkey is planning to finish this wall by the end of this year, but the working and climate conditions will be effective in this regard as well.

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Referring to the regular meetings of the officials in the city of Orumiyeh and the province, the Turkish governor went on to say that Terrorism is "our common enemy and we are always working to address this fundamental problem in the region".

Iran and Turkey have a lot in common in terms of culture, and "we will all benefit from these partnerships to further our cooperation".

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