(Persia Digest) - Amir Chakhmagh is the name of a square in Yazd's historical texture that houses a variety of monuments including a bazaar, tekyeh, mosque, two ab-anbars [water reservoirs] and a shrine, and it is considered one of the most important historical and tourist complexes of Yazd Province. All these monuments are registered on the National Heritage List of Iran.

This square is a symbol of the city of Yazd and in addition to its historical significance, it is important culturally and socially for people.

Amir Chakhmagh Square - the historical symbol of the city of windmills

Amir Chakhmagh Square has been one of the main gathering places of the people of Yazd during different eras and after the 1979 Islamic Revolution it has become the center of popular gatherings for marches, rallies, funerals of martyrs and scholars and …. That is why Amir Chakhmagh Square is known as the Yazdis' square of epic stories.

Amir Chakhmagh Square was built in the ninth century AH, the time of the Timurid reign over Iran, by Jalal al-Din Amir Chakhmagh.

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During Fathali Shah Qajar's reign, a person called Haji Hussein Attar added a section to the mosque's shabestan and repaired parts of the mosque.

Amir Chakhmagh Square - the historical symbol of the city of windmills

During the Pahlavi era, there were many changes carried out in the square, most of them at the time of Reza Shah. Constructing new streets during the Pahlavi era caused the walls of the square to be demolished gradually. As a result, a small square was built and the Amir Chakhmagh Mosque was merged with the opposite Hosseinieh Square.

Nowadays, after so many years, the square still survives and is considered a historical landscape attracting many tourists.

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