(Persia Digest) - The 28th Handwoven Persian Carpet Exhibition was inaugurated in Tehran by the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade in the presence of fourteen ambassadors missioned in Tehran.

Over 740 Iranian import-export and producing companies are participating at the exhibition, showcasing a wealth of handwoven Persian carpets.

More than 100 businessmen from Europe, the US, and Asia are attending the exhibition to sign contracts for the purchase of carpets with companies and producers.

A selection of carpets, rugs, kilim, jajim, and tableau rugs in various sizes and designs from across Iran are displayed here.

Programs on the sidelines of the exhibition include training workshops, the unveiling of top exquisite carpets made in Iran, live carpet weaving, and a special stand for children where they can spend time painting and drawing.

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Iran’s Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade said at the opening ceremony: “Despite the sanctions, the Persian carpet brand is so strong that it is still being exported under international limitations and the US sanctions have not been unable to fully overshadow this art.”

Reza Rahmani also announced that the Persian carpet had expanded into East Asian countries.

The 28th Handwoven Persian Carpet Exhibition will run 25-31 August every day from 10h00-19h00 at Tehran’s International Exhibitions Center. 

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