Darvishi in discovery of Iranian folkore

Darvishi in discovery of Iranian folkore
ID : N-1013 Date : 2018/01/09 - 13:26

(Persia Digest) – Mohammad-Reza Darvishi is a music researcher and composer. After years of work, he will release his album entitled “Silence of the midnight sun” in February, plus a number of partiturs.

Mohammad-Reza Darvishi is a familiar name in Iran’s world of music, especially in the folk genre. He has spent much of his youth carrying his rucksack on his back from place to place across Iran, from Kurdistan to Zahedan, and from Khorasan to the southernmost villages of Khuzestan, to record the forgotten lore music of Iran, meet with the local musicians and keep them from being forgotten by the thief of time.

The album “Silence of the midnight sun” was written by Mohammad-Reza Darvishi as a symphony on the proposal of Hossein Behruzinia on two of his pieces. They symphony was initially performed in 2013 at the main hall of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow by the Ankara “Hajat Tepe” guest Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Burak Tuzun. The orchestra was accompanied by Iranian musicians and the instruments of lute, tar, Kamancheh, and percussions featuring prominently in the performance.

The album “Time” is still unreleased by this musician and includes pieces arranged for the piano and string instruments from when he was 20 to 60. This will also be released end of January.

These days, Mohammad-Reza Darvishi is pursuing a music conversion project. Based on his research, the Iranian plateau has a single common musical root, from Mesopotamia to India.

Darvishi has published a total of 18 books. Two volumes of his encyclopedia on Iranian musical instruments, string – pick and bowed, and skin and non-skin, were published in the 2000s.  


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