Exquisite Christian books exhibited at Christmas

Exquisite Christian books exhibited at Christmas
ID : N-918 Date : 2017/12/27 - 12:26

(Persia Digest) – Iran’s National Library has placed its collection of exquisite documents and a Bible manuscript on display for Christmas.

Christmas is celebrated in Iran on 25 December not only by Christians, but Muslims also join them to usher in the New Christian Year. Apart from churches and certain streets in Iran, governments centers also organize Christmas events. This year, the National Library has organized an exhibition of its priceless Bible manuscript and other books on Christianity at its Book and Archives Museum from Christmas Day for two weeks.

Alongside a valuable manuscript with artistic Arian artwork and a cover with a silver trim, exquisite printed books, including the first Persian translation of a book from Latin entitled “The story of Christ”, dating back to 1639 CE printed in Holland can be seen.

In the documents display, Mohammad Ali Jamal-zadeh’s manuscript entitled “The birth of Christ” written for Vahid Magazine, the Sacrament in Armenian script and Persian translation, two Christmas cards sent to the Iranian Prime Minister in the Pahlavi era by Harold Wilson and the Hungarian Prime Minister are some of the prominent words and artifacts on display.


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