Famous woman artist tops Tehran auction

Famous woman artist tops Tehran auction
ID : N-1040 Date : 2018/01/13 - 12:25

(Persia Digest) – At Tehran’s eight auction, a piece of work by Monir Farmanfarmaian has been sold for the record price of one billion 300 million tomans.

The 8th Tehran live auction of contemporary arts was held on Friday afternoon, 12 January 2018, at the Parsian Hotel.

Auctioned were 120 works by 110 young artists and pioneers of modern art in Iran. The mirror and stucco work on wood by Monir Farmanfarmaian (picture below) was the most expensive piece auctioned for one billion and 300 million tomans.

The steel and aluminium piece “Esma Allah” by Alireza Astaneh was the first piece to be auctioned for 44 million tomans (originally priced at 30 to 40 million tomans).

“Ta’zieh” Passion play (Picture below) collage of printing and oil painting on canvas was sold for 38 million tomans (originally priced at 25 to 35 million tomans).

A painting by Rezvan Sadeghzadeh from his collection of “Walls” went under the hammer for 34 million tomans (originally priced at 20 to 25 million tomans).

Next was the work by Parviz Kalantari which went for its top original estimate of 200 million tomans.

The auction continued with Behrang Samadzadegan’s watercolor on cardboard entitled “Ashoub” [Chaos] being sold for 34 million tomans (originally priced at 10 to 14 million tomans).

The iron sculpture “Man and bird” by Zhazeh Tabatabaei went for 110 million tomans (originally priced at 100 to 150 million tomans).

Hossein Mahjubi’s work called “Memories of spring in Kuhin” went under the hammer for 60 million tomans (originally priced at 50 to 70 million tomans).

Habibollah Sadeghi sold his “Oriental view” for 24 million tomans (originally priced at 15 to 20 million tomans).

The volumetric work by Kurosh Golnari created with coins on metal went for 40 million tomans (originally prices at 30 to 40 million tomans).

The total sales at the 8th Tehran auction focused on contemporary Iranian art totaled at 14 billion and 952 million tomans.


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