Khorasan handicrafts welcomed in Kazan

Khorasan handicrafts welcomed in Kazan
ID : N-909 Date : 2017/12/26 - 12:58

(Persia Digest) – The hand arts of Khorasan Province have been greatly welcomed at the Iran pavilion for handicrafts and halal foods in Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.

Twenty stands displaying handicrafts and halal foods were setup in Kazan, where Khorasani hand arts included everything stones, mosaic works, enameling, copper works, handwoven kilims and carpets, silverwork and turquoise, precious stones, inlay works, and much more.

Over 60 companies from Khorasan Razavi and other Iranian provinces took part here.

Other commodities from Iran included foodstuffs, saffron, paints and raisins, building materials, clothing, and sanitary and home appliances.

This was the first participation of Iran at an exhibition in Kazan which ran from 20-23 December 2017 in Russia.


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