Persian carpet showroom and shop in Jakarta

Persian carpet showroom and shop in Jakarta
ID : N-1001 Date : 2018/01/12 - 09:51

(Persia Digest) – The first permanent Persian carpet showroom and shop called “Pasargade” has opened in the capital of Indonesia for handmade and machine made carpets.

As reported by IRNA News Agency, this has been setup by an Iranian resident in Indonesia, providing an opportunity for those Indonesians interested in the ancient hand arts of Iran to enjoy them.

Based on reports by the country’s statistics center, Indonesia imports between 40 to 50 million USD worth of carpets and floor coverings annually. Iran’s share of the market in 2017 amounted to an estimated USD 105 thousand.

Iran’s trade commissioner in Indonesia commented on the reasons why Iranian companies have not been directly involved in the carpet market here by saying: “Up until now, Iran lacked a permanent showroom to promote its carpets. Also, middlemen from other countries were involved in the export of Persian carpets to Indonesia, thus preventing the active presence of Iranian companies in this market.”

He reiterated: “Setting up this showroom and shop by an Iranian who is familiar with the market here is an opportunity to promote the best handmade carpets and increase its exports to Indonesia by eliminating the middlemen and doing business directly.”

As reported by Persia Digest, the Persian handmade carpet is centuries old. Green historian, Xenophon, in his book on the life of Cyrus the Great points out to this Persian art existing between 430-345 BCE.


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