Queiroz plans for winning Portugal and Spain

Queiroz plans for winning Portugal and Spain
ID : N-1918 Date : 2018/06/09 - 15:52

(Persia Digest) – In an interview on FIFA TV, Iran’s football coach Carlos Queiroz spoke of his plans for Iran’s Team Melli to win over Spain and Portugal at the World Cup. But he said his tactics for the World Cup have not been completed yet.

About Team Melli going to the World Cup with a record of no losses and only two goals scored against it, Queiroz said: “I am very proud and happy. But we have a great challenge waiting for us now. We are in a very difficult group. We cannot change our goals and dreams. First of all, out of respect for ourselves, we must play every game with one goal, and that is to win. Secondly, we need to be frank with our adversaries – Morocco, Spain, and Portugal – and play against them with everything we have, because they are very good teams. And last but not least, we must play with a sense of loyalty in the World Cup; loyalty to our values, and share it with our fans so they know we are thinking about them. Therefore, we must keep this positive view in our competitions and victories.”

About the first game against Morocco, he said: “We are still working on some of the final details. We must be honest with the players, because they all have a good chance of playing in the games and it is our duty to keep our minds open. Of course, we have our own beliefs and we will take the best decisions for the team in the end.”

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