Ten Huraman villages registered as national heritage

Ten Huraman villages registered as national heritage
ID : N-1431 Date : 2018/03/10 - 10:46

(Persia Digest) – The architectural designs of ten villages in north Huraman, an area spreading over Iran’s Kurdistan and Kermanshah provinces, have been registered as the national heritage of Iran.

The villages of Galin, Halvan, Hashehmiz, Dulab, Takhteh, Vasi-Salafi, Vasi-Olia, Shian, Jān, and Bozlaneh were registered at the last meeting of the Registration Council of Iran, presided by the Cultural Heritage Deputy.

This brings the number of villages registered as a national heritage in this area to 13. Previously, the three village of Huraman-Takht, Jivar, and Palangan had also been registered here.

The Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization of Kurdistan Province has also filed for the registration of ten other villages for their historic fabrics in the west of Huraman, the administrative process for which is in progress.

Director of the cultural-historical cityscape of Huraman, Puya Talebnia, told IRNA News Agency: “The stepped, stony fabric of the villages, the sabat roofing structures providing shade, and the historic monuments of the newly registered villages have remained intact. On average, 80 percent of the fabric has been preserved in the villages, especially the sabat shaded passageways. Certain old customs are also still being observed in the villages.

Huraman is the name of an historic region between Kermanshah and Kurdistan provinces. Most of it is situated in Kermanshah Province with its own particular customs.

Kurdistan Province has 1519 historical sites, including historic ruins, natural caves, ancient trees, movable heritages, aqueducts, and natural landscapes. Currently, 828 of these include 763 historic monuments, 8 natural landscapes, 49 intangible heritages, and 8 movable heritages.


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