Tirgan ancient feast celebrated

Tirgan ancient feast celebrated
ID : N-2262 Date : 2018/07/07 - 12:14

(Persia Digest) – The ancient Persian feast of Tirgan has been celebrated on 6 July, at the same time as the National Mount Damavand Day, at the university of Rineh city in Amol, northern Iran. The celebrations were attended by people from across Iran.

The celebrations began with various arts and culture programs, such as folk dancing from various Iranian provinces, exhibition stands for the environment, handicrafts, and local dishes, and a roundtable on the environment. Many youngsters also took part in a drawing competition for National Mount Damavand Day.

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Persia Digest reports that Tirgan is an ancient Persian feast on 4 July on the Iranian calendar to celebrate “Tishtar”, the “Rain Star”. According to chronicles on Tirgan, this is also the day “Arash Kamanguir”, Persia’s heroic, mythical archer, threw an arrow from atop Mount Damavand in the Alborz Chain of Mountains as far as he could to set the borders of the Empire with Touran. The great Persian scholar and scientist, Abu Rayhan Biruni (973-1050), writes that this was also celebrated as a day to commemorate writers in ancient Persia.

Tirgan is celebrated every year in Mazandaran Province and Sari in northern Iran, the capital Tehran, Karaj, and the central and southern cities of Yazd, Meybod, Ardakan, Kerman, Bam, Shiraz, Isfahan, Ahvaz, and Farahan. Iranians of the Zoroastrian faith also celebrate this outside Iran, in Europe and the US.

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