February 01, 2018 12:07
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(Persia Digest) – Rock climber Reza Alipour from Iran has become the most valuable player in non-Olympic disciplines.

At the end of the second round of voting, Alipour was selected by the people as MVP 2017 in in non-Olympic disciplines with 90790 votes among nine other athletes. He is the world record holder for speed climbing.

Soloviava, weightlifter from Ukraine with 90036 votes, and Fabriana Arias, speed-skater from Columbia with 48014 votes, were second and third respectively.

Previously, Alipour had won the first gold medal in speed climbing for Iran in the 2013 Chinese World Championships in a record 6.24 seconds. On 30 April 2017, he was able to win the Nanjing World Rock Climbing Championships in China in just 5.54 seconds.

The International Federation of Sport Climbing has nicknamed Reza Alipour the Asian Cheetah for his high speeds. World media have also named him the fastest vertical man in bullet rock after he broke the world record.

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