February 10, 2018 14:08
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(Persia Digest) – The first expo of over 84 pieces of exquisite antique Persian carpets and tableau rugs is on in the Ministry of Culture Hall in Baghdad until 12 February 2018.

The expo has been organized with the efforts of the IR of Iran cultural attaché in Iraq and has been widely welcomed by the Iraqis. The carpets display over 65 years of work by the artists of North Khorasan.

Faryad Rawanduzi, Minister of Culture and Tourism of Iraq, visited the exhibition and praised the Iranian art of handwoven carpets. He also acknowledged the continued cultural cooperation between Iran and Iraq and thanked the efforts of the Iranian cultural attaché in Baghdad.

He stated: “The combination of colors, natural landscapes designs, and verses from the Quran in the designs of Persian carpets and tableau rugs have created a special exhibition which is eye-catching for every visitor.”

The exhibition will be on until 12 February, concurrently with the anniversary celebrations of the Islamic Revolution in the Iranian Embassy in Baghdad.

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