(Persia digest)- As you leave Tehran and start north towards Mazandaran Province by the Caspian on its scenic mountainous road, at a distance of 200kms from the capital, you can make a detour to ‘Pol Sefid’ and find one of Iran’s most amazing lakes 6kms from the city. It is called ‘Shurmast’ and is located at high altitude near a village by the same name. This natural lake attracts a myriad of sightseers interested in fishing, ecotourism, biological studies and research, and those who simply enjoy relaxing in natural landscapes.

The lake has a surface area of 1500 square meters. Its deepest point measures 15 meters and its shallow end is 5 meters. The reflection of mature alder trees in the lake has created one of the most beautiful natural sceneries that fascinates every onlooker. Some of trees around the lake are rooted in water. To add to the charm of the village and its lake, the masonry arch Veresk Bridge, Lajim historical tower, and Kanglu Fort can also be visited nearby.

The lake’s recreational facilities include pedal boats, water skiing, simple pergolas with ceramic floors for camping, sanitary facilities, and drinking water.  The lake is encircled with a dirt road for parking cars. All these basic facilities give sightseers a chance to take their tents and spend a night by the beautiful Shurmast Lake.

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