February 15, 2018 10:44
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(Persia Digest) – Fajr Visual Arts Festival is hosting eight paintings by Serbian artists in its international category this year. The Serbian Ambassador attended the exhibition at the Festival to announce their upcoming cultural programs.

On the sidelines of the Festival, Serbian Ambassador to Iran, DraganTodorović, said: “This exhibition is a stepping stone for mutual projects between artists in Iran and Serbia. A Serbian traditional music group participated at the Fajr Music Festival this year. This will also happen at the Visual Arts Festival. We are also going to be a guest at the Tehran International Book Fair. We have organized programs in Iran previously, such at “Serbian nights” and “Serbian days”. These have been very good cultural opportunities.”

He added: “The Serbian Minister of Culture will travel to Iran within the next few months to sign an MoU with the National Library of Iran on behalf of Serbia. Based on this, a section will be allocated to Serbian books at the library. A translation of the Hafiz collection of poems into Serbianhas been launched for the occasion at the Iranian Art Museum Garden in Tehran.”

The Serbian Ambassador to Iran continued: “We will also organize a Serbian film week in the coming months in three Iranian cities, namely Tehran, Shiraz, and a third city which will be designated later. We have a very fruitful cultural cooperation with Iran and it gives me great honor to be present at the Fajr Visual Arts Festival.”

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