February 19, 2018 11:03
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(Persia Digest) – Iran’s Political Deputy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that Iran will be holding periodic political dialogues with other countries. He said: “Dialogue between Iran and the UK will take place on Wednesday in London.”

Seyed Abbas Araghchi added: “These sessions will take place once in Tehran and once in London. It is now London’s turn to host the talks.”

He reiterated: “A list of regional and international topics, and the 2015 JCPOA nuclear agreement and its latest developments will be discussed in a one-day intensive talks.”

In an answer to a question about talks on Afrin in Syria, he emphasized: “Dr Zarif has been conducting talks about various regional topics, including the very important issue of Syria and the developments in Afrin, on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference.”

He continued: “I have also had talks with the political deputies of Italy, France, the UK, and Germany on Yemen.”

Aragchi stressed that the high number of civilian deaths, suffering, and cholera are major problems in Yemen, and reiterated: “It is imperative for the international community to make a joint effort to establish a ceasefire and break the blockade of Yemen.”

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