(Persia Digest) – The Brazilian Ambassador to Tehran announced: “Brazil will invest euros 1.2BN to implement projects in Iran.”

At a meeting with members of the Abadan Chamber of Commerce, Rodrigo de Azeredo Santos stated: “We need to establish further bilateral banking and currency ties to promote trade between our two countries.”

He added: “Currently, two Brazilian banks are working with the Iranian banking network and we support the opening of Iranian bank branches in Brazil to further trade.”

The Brazilian Ambassador continued: “An estimated USD 100MM worth of goods are exported annually from Iran to Brazil and this is not balanced due to the high volumes of Iranian imports from Brazil. Exports from Brazil to Iran amount to USD 2.6BN/year.”

He said: “Brazil needs to import petrochemical, chemical, oil, and chemical fertilizer products. Iran can provide an important part of this.”

The Brazilian Ambassador went on: “We are ready for more economic, tourism, and sports interactions with Iran. There are no visa hurdles for Iranian investors and tourists.”

He went on to describe Abadan as a strategic city, saying: “If a sister city is designated for Abadan in Brazil, issuing visas will be facilitated.”

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