(Persia Digest) - Syria's military sources announced last night that the military headquarters of the Syrian army and its allies in the Aleppo and Hama suburbs have been subjected to missile strikes and there have been some casualties.

Syrian television, quoting from a military official, reported more than 40 dead and 60 injured among Syrian forces and their allies. The identity of the attackers is still unknown.

Local sources have claimed that 18 Iranian forces were killed and some were injured, including a commander and chief of “Hayyan Talal Mohammed” headquarters.

“The missiles hit the headquarters of the regime and their allies at Al Nayrab Military Airport near the International Airport of Aleppo,” Syrian Observatory for Human Rights affiliated with the Syrian opposition said.

According to some sources, the missiles hit buildings and centers that are likely to be weapon arsenals.

However, the Syrian newspaper Tishreen, the official newspaper of the country, quoted from the field sources: “The recent attack on the headquarters in Aleppo and Hama provinces started from the British and American bases in northern Jordan, and nine ballistic missiles were used in the attack.”

At the same time, some sources said to Al Mayadeen Channel: “The source of the missiles are unknown, but they hit Al Malkiya District, north of Aleppo airport and there were some casualties.”

These sources suggest that the attacks were either Israeli or American, and were in response to the Syrian army and allied troops crossing the Euphrates River and moving to the east of Deir ez-Zor, in which the Syrian forces took back five villages from the Syrian Democratic Forces allied with the United States.

According to Persia Digest, the Syrian T4 airbase was also the target of Israeli strikes in April, during which seven Iranians were martyred.

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