(Persia Digest) – The Italian La Septima has introduced Tehran in its tourism column as an attractive, touristic city, saying: “Tehran is one of the world’s attractive cities for tourists in an ancient region close to Mesopotamia.”

IRNA reports that La Septima website describes Tehran as follows: “The capital is situated in northern Iran, on the foothills of Alborz Mountain. It is Iran’s largest city and important economic and industrial hub. Its city center is called Imam Khomeini and it is where the grand bazaar is also located. The center is surrounded by middle class districts, whereas northern Tehran is where the rich and famous live. Most of the embassy residences are also in this part of the city.”

It continues: “Milad Tower is the city’s landmark and one of the tallest buildings in the world. Some of its attractions include the Crown Jewels Museum, the award-winning Nature Bridge, Darband foothills and restaurants, Golestan Palace, Jamshidieh Park, and Sa’dabad Palace.”

It goes on to say: “If you are interested in history and archaeology, visiting the Iran National Museum is a must. It comprises the two sections of ancient Persia and the Islamic era. Ancient relics from the middle ages are on display here, such as pottery, metal tools, coins, and rare books. Older artifacts date back to the stone age and some are as old as 30-35 thousand years ago. Many hand arts from Persepolis are also on display at the Museum.”

The report also mentions the negative aspects of traveling to Iran, such as: “Pick-pocketing is on the increase in the capital and other large cities. Some foreigners have even been stopped in Tehran by plain-clothed people claiming to be officers of the law. Daesh has also carried out operations here.”

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