(Persia Digest) – The world’s youngest off-road driver’s coach and grandfather has said: “Preparations have been made to register they world’s youngest off-road driver from Iran in the Guinness World Records.”

Hassan-Ali Ehsani added: “Mohammad-Mahdi Afshar-Tavinani is only eight years old. He has been training in off-road driving under my supervision since the age of eight.”

He added: “Mohammad-Mahdi is very talented and has learned the driving techniques in a very short time. He is now one of the most skilled off-road drivers.”

His coach reminded: “Different countries, such as Canada, Qatar, and the UAE have sent invitations expressing their interest in providing him with the financial and practical backings needed to register the youngest off-road driver in the Guinness World Records.”

He continued: “Nevertheless, if Mohammad-Mahdi gets the necessary sponsors in Iran, we prefer to have him registered by his own country.”

He wrapped up by saying: “If we get the backing we need from the relevant authorities for this young man, he can become the future champion of car racing in the world.”


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