(Persia Digest) - Alexander Mazirka, First Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Iran and representative of the Russ Sotero din Chistova Organization, and Dr Zahra Mohammadi, Professor of Russian Language and Literature at Tehran University and representative of Russkiy Mir in Iran, held a meeting on 26 June with Ali-Asghar Mohammad-Khani, international and cultural deputy of “Shahr-e Ketab” chain of bookstores, to discuss cultural cooperation between Iran and Russia.

Mohammad-Khani said at the meeting: “Although Iran and Russia are neighbors, Russian tourists travel less to Iran than other European tourists; Iranology goes back a long way in Russia.”

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Alexander Mazirka also said: “Sotero din Chistova is a cultural organization endeavoring in building literary bridges between various countries. We have been operational in Iran for about a year now. We are interested in working more closely with “Shahr-e Ketab”. We had direct talks with the directors of Pushkin House in September, during the Tehran International Book Fair, to strengthen literary ties between Iran and Russia.”

Persia Digest reports that nearly ten universities have been established in Iran in the Language and Literature field over the last two decades to expand and facilitate cultural ties.

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