(Persia Digest) – Iran’s handwoven carpet exports in the first two months of the Iranian calendar year have risen by 40.9 percent in terms of weight and 10.1 percent in terms of value. Iran’s carpet exports to the US over the same period has been 206.9 tons worth USD 9.1MM, indicating a rise of 143 percent in weight and 59.6 percent in value. Iranian handwoven carpet exports to the US was worth USD 126MM in 2017, and USD 97MM in 2016.

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In 2017, the total export figures for Iran’s handwoven carpets stands at an estimated 5399 tons worth around USD 424MM, with an 18 percent increase as compared to a similar period last year. In 2016, around 5741 tons of handwoven carpets worth USD 359MM was exported from Iran, showing an increase of 13.46 percent in weight and 23.80 percent in value.

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