(Persia Digest) – Iran’s National Wushu Team has won seven gold and one silver medals to become World Wushu champions.

The 2018 World Wushu Championships (WWC), Wushu Sanda, opened in Hangzhou, China, on Saturday 27 October and ended on Sunday afternoon with the National Iranian Team’s championship.

The team included five men and three women Sanda fighters.

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On the second day of the competitions, Yusef Sabri won gold in the -75kg category for the men’s team and Moein Taghavi also won gold in the -85kg category.

Hamidreza Gholipour won silver in the +90kg category.

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On the first day of the competitions Shahrbanou Mansourian, Elaheh Mansourian, and Farinaz Naziri won gold for the women’s team, and Mohsen Mohammad-Seifi and Milad Arefi-Moghaddam won gold for the men’s team.

Overall, the National Iranian Wushu Team won seven gold and one silver medals to rank first in the World Wushu Sanda Championships for 2018. China had stood on the champion’s platform in all previous eight editions of the competitions.

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