December 15, 2018 14:18
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(Persia Digest) - Commander of Iran’s Army Aviation said: “Iran possesses the strongest and greatest helicopter fleet in the Middle East”.

Second Brigadier General Younes Ghorbani said that all Iranians have to protect their country and be prepared against regional and trans-regional threats.

“Today, Army Air Aviation (Known in Iran as Havanirouz) is in charge of defending the country’s borders and has aerial control over border areas,” said the commander.

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He added that the prolongation of projects and foreign currency problems are major obstacles for Havanirouz.

“Sometimes, it takes 15 years to complete a project. Therefore, such projects are outdated.”

He made the remarks in a ceremony for Havanirouz elites and knowledge-based companies working in the field of aviation industrial research for manufacturing helicopters.

“We have to progress based on modern world capacities. It means that we have to study what systems and technologies have been used in modern helicopters such as Kamov ka-52 and Apache and then we have to design and use more advanced systems in our own helicopters,” said the commander.

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He added that much progress has been made in the field of helicopter manufacturing including spare parts, repairs, and maintenance.

He said: “Today, the Havanirouz helicopter fleet is the biggest in the Middle East and Shahid Vatandoust training center is the largest in the region where many students from other countries have so far been trained and is now considering to accept foreign students from neighboring friendly countries.”

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